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VP is primarily on Instagram these days. Have a book to sell or a story to tell? Get in touch. We’d be thrilled to collaborate with you!

We publish polished, audience-aware submissions from established and emerging authors. Our interests are radically diverse and our minds are o p e n. We accept completed works, pitches for prospective work, and conversations about works in progress, including:

Short Stories. We consider all genres but lean literary.

Interviews. Everyone has a story to tell. We seek unusual angles and unconsidered perspectives. We’re especially interested in conversations that cast light on the every-day extraordinary and draw readers into the unfamiliar. We want to see the ordinary anew. We want to be transfixed by voices that trail after us… for days.

Book Reviews. Book reviews are by invitation only, but we welcome proposals.

Visual Art. We feature photography, photo essays, and other forms of visual art.

Long Form Thoughts. A lot on your mind? More than 1000 words? Pitch an idea. We’ll work with you.

Essays. We invite essays on a range of topics, including politics, gender, the environment, parenting, teaching, writing, social issues, work, culture, the arts, language, identity, and literature.

Writing About Writing. VP supports writers at all stages in their careers. We’re interested in fresh, original insights into your creative process, path to publication, and journey as a writer. Your story matters. We want to help you tell it.

Why don’t we provide word limits? Because VP is focused on message and audience, not word count. We advise authors to use as many or as few words as needed to convey their point while capturing (and keeping) the interest of readers. For the numerically-minded (we love you too): short stories typically range from 1000-30,000 words and essays from 500-1500 words.

Note to Contributors:

  • We accept submissions year round.
  • We do not accept previously published works.
  • Please let us know if your submission is under consideration elsewhere.
  • If we provide substantial editorial assistance, we ask for acknowledgment. Otherwise, Authors and Artists retain rights.

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VP is rated PG.