Falling… for Trader Joe’s Autumnal Eats


Happy Fall! As we get ready to cozy up with some amazing fall reads, we’re eating our way through a canvas grocery bag full of autumnal treats.

First, full disclosure: We’re not food writers at VP. In fact, some of us can barely cook (you know who you are). But we love to eat almost as much as we love to read, and we share a passion for Trader Joe’s.

Not only is TJ’s our go to for cheap gourmet eats that look as good as they taste – that alone would almost be enough to win over our bellies – TJ’s is season obsessed, and so are we!   

To celebrate the first day of the harvest season, we spent the weekend haunting the aisles… then sampling our finds. And judging from the crop of fresh autumnal picks, everyone loves fall as much as we do.

Here’s a sampling of our favorite Fall Finds:

Fall Zucchette Pasta. This Italian mainstay is right at home on the shelf at Trader Giotto’s. Though these noodles may look too pretty to eat, rest assured they’re not. This delicate pumpkin pasta is a delicious fall favorite.

Try not to eat the whole bag!

Candy Corn Popcorn. Prepare yourself for sweet, salty, coated-in-candy-corn bliss. Once you open the bag… you might just eat it all!

Fall Leaf Corn Tortilla Chips. Not only are they autumnal perfection, they’re delicious. Light, crispy, colorful maple and oak tortilla chips make the best game day nachos — you’re seriously going to fall for these!

Fantasy Pumpkins. No, you can’t eat them (okay, maybe some of you know how), but they will make your pumpkin dreams come true. We bought ours exclusively for the looks because this handsome fall fruit makes a gorgeous centerpiece. So pretty, we wish we had room for them all!

Our Favorite Fall Fantasy Pumpkin

Maple Kettlecorn. Remember that giant kettle of goodness from your local harvest fair? It’s now available on the shelf at your local TJ’s, and it’s everything your Saturday night sofa binge needs. It’s lightly sweetened (not sticky-sweet), perfectly salted, and edible by the handful. 

Nope. We didn’t stop there… We sampled Maple Leaf Cookies and Petite Pumpkin Spice Cookies too, but neither made our short list, which demanded going back for seconds (or thirds) or arm wrestling for the very last crumbs.

Tasting Party Trio

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